Your Performance Therapy Options:

Comprehensive Packages to Guide you Toward Success


  Initial On-boarding, Monthly Programming, Digital Check-ins

  On-boarding Includes:

  • Detailed in-person assessment to establish your current strength & weaknesses
  • ​Create your goals
  • Provide your initial plan

  Then What?

  • Weekly digital check-ins with your Physical Therapist or Coach
  • Regular updating of your program
  • Constant monitoring of progress and goals
Price: $197/month

 All Benefits of the Starter package included.

  • 1x-monthly live consultation to really fine-tune the program and communicate your needs.
Price: $257/month

 All Benefits of the Starter package included.

  • 2x-weekly  digital check-ins to make sure things are always optimized. 
  • 2x/month  live consultations for the ultimate, individualized Performance Therapy experience.
Price: $325/month

Just in Case...

Booster Packs

 Want to customize the amount of 1-on-1 consult time you have? 

 We can add a "Booster Pack" of FIVE 45-minute consults that you can use whenever you'd like. 

 Choose your preferred performance therapy package first, then we can discuss the Booster Packs later.

15-Minute Phone Consult

Still don't know if we're the right fit?

  • Ask any questions about these options during a 15-minute phone call. 
Price: Free

Frequently Asked Questions

It looks like all of your services are 'membership-based'? Do you do any one-time consultations? 
No, we do not. We know this might be different than what you're used to, but we find that providing guidance on an ongoing basis is more effective for you. A 'one-time' session is just not enough time to make long-term change. 
It looks like all of your services are 'cash-based'. Do you accept health insurance as form of payment?
No, we do not. All of our services are paid for through recurring memberships (that you can cancel any time). Health insurance regulations significantly affect the quality with which we can serve you. Our model allows us to put the time and energy into your needs for long-term success. If you reside in the state of California, we can supply you with an invoice (a "superbill") that you may submit for your insurance company for possible reimbursement. It is up to you to know your insurance benefits. 
I live in California, but I'm hours away from your office. Do you do Tele-Physical Therapy? 
Yes we do! If you are a California resident and you will be in California at the time of any video consultation, we are fully equipped for secure Tele-Physical Therapy Services. You can simply select whichever package you'd like, and we will communicate with you about the logistics. 
I do notlive in California, but I still want you to help me with my athletic goals. Can I still work with you? 
Yes! You can be a part of our Fitness/Wellness/Strength & Conditioning program! You can simply select whichever package you'd like, and we will communicate with you about the logistics. *DISCLAIMER - please remember that we cannot directly rehab or diagnose pain or injury for those residing outside the state of California due to PT licensure restrictions. So, while you can participate in our Fitness/Wellness/Strength & Conditioning program (not healthcare services), we must have information on file from you about your primary healthcare provider who is licensed in your state. 
I am rehabbing from an injury / just had surgery. Are these packages right for me? 
Absolutely. Our performance therapy membership model is specifically designed to help you get back to doing what you want to do. Just keep in mind that you need to be a California resident for us to provide Physical Therapy services (see previous questions above).
I'm not injured. I just want to become a better athlete or be healthier. Are these packages right for me? 
Definitely. We will help guide you towards your health & fitness or performance goals. 
Physical Therapy That Works For Athletes 

Come Back 
Stronger Than Ever

Being injured can be frustrating, BUT..

We understand athletes.

At ClinicalAthlete Newport, we blend the sciences of Sports Injury & Athletic Performance.
We'll help you get back to doing what you want to do, BETTER than you did it before. 
What We Do
And How We Can Help

Dealing with a sports injury? 
Had or preparing for a surgery? 
Looking to improve athletic qualities?
Want to reduce injury risk? 

Here's how we'll do it:


We'll help you make sense of your barriers and come up with a goal-oriented plan.


Rigorous orthopedic and performance testing will clue us in to what we need to work on. 

Programming & 

Then we do the work. Programs individually tailored to your rehab or performance goals and regular communication with your Therapist or Coach.
From Olympians to newbies, from Masters to Youth...

Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Movement, Injury Management, Risk Reduction...

No matter who you are or what your goals, ClinicalAthlete Newport will help you get there. 

It's Working For Our Athletes

Who Will You Work With? 

Work with a World-Renowned Physical Therapist who is both an athlete and a coach. 

Quinn Henoch, PT, DPT

Quinn Henoch earned a Bachelor of Exercise Science from Valparaiso University in 2009 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis in 2010. He is head of sports rehabilitation for SoCal Strength and the SoCal Weightlifting Club in Orange County, CA. He also the founder of, which is a network of health care professionals who understand the performance-based needs of athletes and strive to implement science-based principles into practice. 

Quinn has devoted his career to better understanding the phenomenon of human movement. In turn, he hopes to use this knowledge to help individuals fully rehabilitate from injury, reduce the risk of future injury, and improve athletic performance & quality of life. While the individual plan for an athlete may vary, a common goal for any person who walks through Quinn’s door is to leave with a newfound understanding of their bodies; and to use that knowledge as a foundation for a healthy, active life.

Quinn played Div 1-AA collegiate football from 2006-2009 at Valparaiso University as a defensive back. He began training in the sport of weightlifting in 2010, and has competed at the national level. He also has competitive experience in the sports of track and field, Crossfit, and powerlifting. 
Where is 
ClinicalAthlete Newport?
We're located 5 minutes from the John Wayne Airport. 
You can find us inside of the SoCal Strength / SoCal Weightlifting training facilities.

It's an athlete's playground

What more could you want for your sports rehab & performance needs?
Ok.. So, you think that ClinicalAthlete Newport can help you with your rehab or performance goals..
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You're already here! Seeing what we're all about. 


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